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Protecting Our Family Friendly Neighborhoods

Opposed to Larry Krasner's soft-on-crime agenda

Voted against the soda tax

Never voted to increase real estate taxes

Won 99% of zoning cases representing neighbors

Supported by our Police


Endorsed by FOP Lodge #5


Brian O’Neill is currently serving on Philadelphia City Council, protecting neighborhoods and the quality of life for the residents of the Far Northeast’s 10th Council District.

Brian has been endorsed by the FOP Lodge #5 every time he has ran for re-election.

The son of a Philadelphia police officer, Brian graduated from Saint Joseph’s University and Widener University School of Law. Prior to his election, he was a Juvenile Probation Officer, Law Clerk in the Court of Common Pleas, and attorney in private practice.

Brian chairs the Technology and Information Services Committee in addition to serving on several standing committees. He recently authored the law that increased the homestead exemption to $45,000.

Councilman O’Neill is well-known for constituent service and accessibility as well as his pro-active support for volunteer non-profit organizations in his district. Besides his City Hall office, Brian also maintains four full-time offices in his district.

Brian is proud that his playgrounds and recreation centers are the nicest in the city and that he has one of the safest districts in the city. 

Brian has always kept a laser-focus on zoning issues in the 10th District; it’s not an accident that no apartment complexes or duplexes have been built there since he took office. He is dedicated to keeping the Far Northeast a great place to live, own a home, and raise a family.

Brian and his wife Joy are the parents of three daughters.